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R&F Group
31 Mar 2016
R&F Group
03 Mar 2016
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R&F Group
Apr 20 2014

Magazines for Sustainable Construction & Development – Influential & Educational. Roof & Facade is an industry-focused media and information publisher presenting targeted, ...

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R&F Group
Apr 20 2014

Roof & Facade Conferences are tailored for today’s evolving industry environment where technology, markets and products continuously change to gain a competitive edge. In fast ...

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R&F Group
Apr 18 2014

Our personalized approach offers Clients the very best service available in the field of Engineering Design and Construction today. We optimize resources in Architecture, Engineering ...

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R&F Group
Apr 19 2014

Roof & Facade Asia Academy is the education arm of Roof and Facade Group. Provides quality workshops and training programmes for the Architectural,  Engineering and Construction ...

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